The 10 Commandments of Re-Opening the Church


1.  Use Common Sense! Do not wait to be told what or what not to do. You were born with reason - use it!


2.  If you are unwell, have a fever, have a cough, feel “out of sorts”, DO NOT come to Church!  STAY AT HOME!  You are dispensed from the Sunday Mass obligation.


3.  If you are elderly and infirm, have an underlying medical condition, or are just genuinely nervous of catching the Covid-19 virus, STAY AT HOME! You are dispensed from the Sunday Mass obligation.


4.  Please use the hand sanitizers attached to the walls at all the church entrances.


5.  Face Masks/coverings are strongly advised.


6.  When possible, please sit at least 6 feet away from anyone not in your family group/household.


7.  DO NOT shake hands/hug/kiss anyone outside your family group or household.  The Sign of Peace can be accomplished by a bow or a wave of the hand.  DO NOT ‘hold hands’ during the Lord’s Prayer (which is an incorrect posture at all times).


8.  When coming forward to receive

Holy Communion, please maintain an appropriate distance from people in front of and behind you.


9.  As a temporary measure, Holy Communion should be received in the hand and not directly onto the tongue.


10.  Please take your time in leaving the church, so that there is not a great crowd at the doors.  Use this wonderful opportunity for extra prayer!  The clergy will not at this time greet people after Mass.

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